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earth networks consultancy Radio Planning.
Core Network Planning.
Transmission Network Planning.
Radio Network Optimisation.
equipment cooling systems Free-air system, removes heat directly from source. Energy savings up to 90% compared to conventional AC.
Requires little or no maintenance.
asset tracking & PM software GIS-based asset management system & PM tool.
Surveys results storage & drawings approval flow. Network audit & inventory.

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Earth Networks was set up in May 2004 as a specialised, network design organisation providing solutions to the global cellular network industry. In 2011 we expanded the business by opening in Ghana with an increased portfolio including network implementation services and material supply. Earth Networks opened in Singapore in March 2016 adding cooling systems supply from our partner CommScope and optical fibre management systems from GigaCom, to our standard consultancy service


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Opening Earth Networks Singapore.

MARCH, 2016

Chan Kum Yew and Geraint Lewis finalised the setting up of S'Pore Earth Networks PT Ltd on March 1st 2016. The company has active partnerships with CommScope and GigaCom in the ASEAN market. We have conducted successful trials of the Alifabs Monitor9 cooling system in one country and are about to conduct further trials of Monitor and the new Savannah cooling systems in two other markets within ASEAN.

Consultancy in South Africa

APRIL, 2013

Johannesburg, South Africa. Earth Networks ended a very successful collaboration with CellC in South Africa. Our consultants provided the highest quality microwave and optical fibre transmission network design, planning and implementation support service for CellC during their rollout. They worked with Nokia and ZTE, managing delivery of network plans and implementation.

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  • Network design & optimisation
  • Targeted Consultancy
  • Recruiting & Payrolling
  • Network Design Support Surveys
  • Implementation & Commissioning
  • Equipment Cooling System
  • Asset Tracking & PM Tool